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Con Call 01-22-09

Board will reimburse or waive registration fees for those on the board who do not have reimbursement from the State (Dave, Hanan and Chris)

160k in the bank, we are very well set for the conference

Sending the board to 9-1-1 goes to Washington or National NENA…For the National Conference we get a price break for those who register to National, not so much for 9-1-1 goes to Washington.  Each board member needs to send email to Charlie and Hanan; it is important that we make sure we have enough money before we approve everyone. 

Vendor hall has been sold out for the conference; we have started a waiting list.  The hotel is attempting to reconfigure the room to see if we can add more room. 

Signage…Charlie has been working with the GES.  Charlie will continue to work with them to get the sponsorship up to date.   He is also working on the AV equipment needs. 
Need to make sure that we have all of the new and up to date Logos.  The logos need to be added to the website and to the program. 

Will work with sponsors to get more snack time; afternoon snack seems more popular.   

Program needs to get to the printers in the next week. 

Tote bags are ordered and will be delivered to Hanan in February.  Several items for the tote bags have been sent. 

Polo shirts need to be ordered, send your shirt size to Hanan ASAP.

National Anthem singer has been booked. 

Color Guard is San Diego PD; they are booked and good to go.

Hanan is working on the program.

Key Note speaker is booked and good to go.

Tiffany will ask Alicia for additional lanyards for those who lose theirs. 

DJ has been booked and is good to go.

Tiffany is working on the prizes for the large party; will keep a maximum of prizes so it is not dragged out.  We will give away prizes during the exclusive vendor hours.  Hanan will buy the Hawaii gift certificate for the raffle.   

***Nick Warner’s contract needs to be voted on…the board decided to approve the contract. 

Terry Hall is running for APCO board; we need to decide if we would like to back him, we will vote next time.

So far we have 240 registrations.  Charlie will send out blast today announcing tomorrow as the last day to register at the discounted rate.

Hanan is working on the plaques for the sponsors.

The voting is going on and Lisa H. has access so that she can check and monitor the count. 

The vendor hall; 10 exhibit hall passes for each vendor. 

Pre-conference classes are set and have a decent attendance so far. 



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