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CALNENA Conference Call
December 4, 2009


1.  Need to firm up vendor hall, classrooms and banquet halls; Charlie will work on that with Chris.  Catering is firmed up and ready to go.

2.  Dr. Phil will air next Friday.  Charlie will notify the membership.

3.  Endorsement for the CPUC person.  We might check with Nick to see if we should endorse?  Charlie will check with Nick.  Motion made and passed to endorse with Nick’s recommendation.

4.  The board will consider backing Terry Hall as the APCO President.  Charlie will get his information and will forward to the board. 

5.  Will look at changing tax preparation companies after the mistake by the current company. 

6.  Need to confirm dates for quarterlies for 2009.  Charlie will look for the dates and will forward to the board.

7.  Need to send out blasts for breakout sessions.  We have 10 set, need at least 10 more.  Will also blast to the vendors; Charlie will send update to website manager.  Will move the deadline date if needed. 

8.  Elections are coming up; Lisa H. is in charge of that and we will touch base with her for the dates and progress.  January 12th is the deadline for election nominations. 

9.  The new Bylaws need to be voted on during elections.

10.  Charlie will talk to Nick about the possibility of passing legislation regarding telemarketers calling the communications centers in California. 

11.  Will the board pay for board members to go to the National Conference and/or 9-1-1 goes to Washington.  Will put on the agenda for next conference call; there is a discount for early registration for the NENA conference.     



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