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2016 MCTE Photos

Bylaws Approved 2016

2016 CALNENA Approved Budget

CALNENA Executive Board Conference Call 10-27-16

CALNENA Executive Board Meeting - MCTE Planning Meeting October 17-18, 2016

CALNENA Executive Board Conference Call 09-22-16

CALNENA Executive Board Conference Call 08-25-16

CALNENA Executive Board Conference Call 06-30-16

CALNENA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 05-23-16

CALNENA Executive Board Conference Call 04-28-16

CALNENA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 03-03-2016


2015 MCTE Photos

Summer 2015 CALNENA Board Talking Points

2015 CALNENA Final Budget





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San Bernardino Text to 9-1-1 Lessons Learned

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Fall 2014 Training Meeting - NENA Talking Points


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Fall 2014 Training Meeting: NENA Talking Points

9-1-1 Wireless Accuracy Issues: CALNENA Letter to the FCC, Press Release Significant Decline in Wireless 9-1-1 Location Delivery in Major California Cities, & The Data Presentation

CALNENA Meeting Minutes 2/21/2012

11/27/2012 - Executive Board Conference Call Minutes

12/04/2009 - Executive Board Conference Call

02/05/2009 - Executive Board Conference Call

01/22/2009 - Executive Board Conference Call

11/06/2008 - Executive Board Conference Call

01/31/2008 - Executive Board Conference Call

01/10/2008 - Executive Board Conference Call

Presentations: CALNENA Annual Trade Show & Conference 2012

911 For Kids Presentation

Consolidation Starts With A Cup Of Coffee

Cross County Consolidation Lessons Learned

Incident Data Exchange in NG9-1-1

Multi Media in the PSAP and Smart Mobile Applications in the Hands of the Public

Responding to the FCC's NG9-1-1 Call for Action

Synergem Evolution Solution (Requires software on your computer that will run .ppsx - PowerPoint - files.)

The 4 Dimensions Of High Performance Console Design

Using Wireless Location Technology to Improve E911

Next Generation 9-1-1

FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Five Step Action Plan to Improve the Deployment of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911)

Next Generation 911 (NG911) Standards Identification and Analysis: A compilation of existing and planned standards for NG911 systems

CPUC Notification on Rule Making for Multiline Telephone Systems (MLTS)

CPUC Report to Administrative Judge on MLTS.pdf

CalNENA CCTF Response to CPUC.ppt

NENA Model Legislation 911 MLTS.pdf

CPUC Rule Making on Implementing 911 Services on Multi-line Telephone Users.doc

CD FINAL MLTS E911 Workshop report- annotated.doc

News and Correspondence

Online News Sources

FCC Headlines

CTIA Wireless News


MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Compassion Fatigue by Lt. Michael Goold of Sacramento County Sheriff's Office

California Wireless E9-1-1 Routing on Empirical Data (RED) Project

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> Presentations from February 2009

February 2009 Meeting

Facebook And Thumb Drives - Dave Larton

CSI For Dispatchers - Dave Larton

Next Generation Funding - Dick Dickinson

Business Conferencing Calnet2 - Kristi Mercado

Nextgen 911 Halfway To The Wall - Terry Eby

Fundamentalist Islam - Michael Fox

Siege At Beslan - Michael Fox

So What's A TLO Anyway? - Michael Fox

A Tale Of Two Counties - Pat Kiernan

ABCs Of ACD - Bill Roche

Advance Morale - Kevin Willett

Being The Best - Kevin Willett

I Refuse To Smile - Kevin Willett

Red Project Overview - Jim Thompson & Public Safety Network

Wireless E911 Deployment - Jim Thompson

CA 911 Network Call Types Comparison - Donna Pena

July 2009 Meeting

State of the State 9-1-1 Office Presentation by Daphne RHOE


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Updated List of Officers

Contact Information

CENS, An Operational Perspective

California Leading Telematics
E911 Deployments Presentation

California Wireless E9-1-1
Routing on Empirical Data

CALNENA Constitution & Bylaws — 2009


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FCC Votes Unanimously to Implement Rules on Wireless 9-1-1 Caller Location Accuracy

Press Release from CALNENA


The following item was archived September 26, 2014


Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Recommends Surcharge Rate Increase

View The Recommendation


The following 6 items were archived Sept 19, 2013

 The CPUC's Formal Decision Regarding MLTS


Click the link to read the decision.


 9-1-1 for Kids
9-1-1 For Kids is looking for hero's to recognize at this year's
APCO Conference in Anaheim. The links below include the event
information and hero nomination form.

Invite Letter to OC PSAPs _with photo page_.pdf
Parent Release Form _APCO_.pdf
Hero & Dispatcher Nomination Form.pdf



 CALNENA Executive Board's Request
for Additional Information to the State 9-1-1 Office
Regarding the Proposed 911 Policy Changes


Click the link to read the request.



 NENA's Statement on "1-1-2" Misinformation!
Social Media Posts Urge Americans To Call
Incorrect Emergency Number


Read NENA's Statement



 Dispatchers for Denise Unite!


Read Dispatchers for Denise Unite!



 NENA Submits Comments Regarding MLTS
to the FCC


Click the link to read the comments.




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