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Legislative Update

April 26th, 2007*


  • April 26th - Last day for policy committees to hear any bill with fiscal impact
  • 3,500 bills introduced - 100's amended daily
  • We review each bill and refer for analysis and a position. We review all amended bills and refer to the board (via Lisa Hoffman) for analysis and position. 
  • Special recognition to Lisa Hoffman and Charlie Cullen for their outstanding contributions to our legislative program. 
  • CALNENA is actively tracking 10 bills. 
  • Political Notes -- 46 new legislators are either freshman or switched houses.  Number of freshman members creates a significant learning curve.
    • Senate -- 12 new Senators total
      • 11 of 12 are former assembly members
      • 9 former local government officials
    • Assembly -- 34 new Assembly members plus
      • 3 are former Senators
      • 17 new local officials (12 city council members; 5 supervisors)
    • Democrats still hold overwhelming majorities in Assembly and Senate
    • Senate 25-15
    • Assembly 48-32
    • Key legislative staff remain entirely the same and more powerful than ever
    • Only a handful of members are involved in major policy.  Very staff driven process.
  • Governor's top staff going through major makeover (Pank, Costigan, Reese, Aguire, others to come.)
  • Post election legislature has lost much of its bi-partisan spirit?
  • Governor is trying to continue to play peacemaker between the parties
  • Gov has more problems with Republicans than with Democrats
  • Budget deficit of $2-3 billion will make things MUCH more difficult.
  • Assembly Republicans elect new (more conservative) leader in Mike Villines (R-Fresno).
  • New leaders likely to start jockeying for position in both houses immediately    

Significant Legislation of Interest to CALNENA

  • AB 231 (Eng) and SB 1024 (Kehoe) - Both bills seek to ensure that any technology with access to 9-1-1 pays for that access.
  • AB 942 (Krekorian) - Requires that all carriers provide enhanced 9-1-1 service with automatic routing, ANI and ALI.  Requires the PUC to oversee this application.
  • SETNA - $2-3 billion budget deficit could impact SETNA

Thank you for the continued opportunity to represent you in the halls of the Capitol!

*Submitted by Nick Warner, CALNENA Legislative Advocate

Warner & Pank, LLC
1415 L Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel 916.443.7318
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