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Legislative Update

SB 1040 Passed & Signed Into Law

June 5, 2008

Fellow CALNENA Members,

I am pleased to announce that the State Legislature recently passed and Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1040, an important bill for 9-1-1 funding. This bill requires VoIP providers to pay a surcharge into the SETNA fund similar to the surcharge required of wireline and wireless service providers. The passage of the bill insures that revenues for the 9-1-1 infrastructure will not be compromised as telephone users switch to alternate forms of communication.

Nick Warner and Associates, our legislative analyst, played a key role in keeping this bill active after it was tabled last year and in advocating for its passage during this year’s legislative session. Daphne Rhoe and her staff at the State 9-1-1 Office also worked hard to make sure that our legislators had the facts about 9-1-1 funding. Members of your CALNENA board, including Past President Lisa Hoffman, testified at legislative hearings about SB1040. This combined effort shows what we can do when we work in unison to promote our mission as 9-1-1 professionals. My thanks to everyone involved in this success.

Charles Cullen
President CALNENA


2007 New Laws

AB 1738

Coto, Joe (D)

Tribal gaming: memoranda of agreement.

Relates to Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee. Establishes under the direction of the Telecommunications Branch of the Office of Emergency Service. Requires the committee to recommend the purchase of standards-based equipment or systems that are backward compatible.

No Position Selected

SB 166

Negrete Mcleod, Gloria (D)

Emergency preparedness: community college districts.

Makes legislative findings and declarations regarding emergency preparedness plans. Requires the Office of the Chancellor of the Community Colleges, in consultation with the Office of Emergency Services and the Office of Homeland Security, to develop emergency preparedness standards and guidelines to assist community college districts and campuses in the event of a natural disaster, hazardous condition, or terrorist activity on or around any campus.

No Position Selected

Two-Year Legislation

AB 231

Eng, Mike (D)

Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Act.

Relates to the Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Act. Specifies that a toll telephone service would include a telephonic quality communication for which there is a toll charge that varies in amount with the distance or elapsed transmission time of each individual communication, and the charge is paid within the United States. Includes bundled service.


AB 875

Davis, Mike (D)

Crime prevention.

Declares the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to establish in state government the Safe Communities Through Technology Program, which will provide funds to cities for the purpose of developing electronic surveillance of streets in high-crime neighborhoods.

No Position Selected

AB 896

Silva, Jim (R)

Public officers: discovery: personnel records.

Requires every department or agency that employs certain public officers who are not peace officers but who exercise the powers of arrest, to establish procedures for investigating public complaints against those officers and to maintain those files in a specified manner.

No Position Selected

AB 942

Krekorian, Paul (D)

Emergency telecommunications.

Requires that every telephone exchange service, competitive local exchange carrier, multitelephone system, private branch exchange system, key set system, Centrex, or similar system, to provide enhanced 911 service with automatic routing, automatic number identification, and automatic location information or identification. Requires the Public Utilities Commission to take steps to ensure that enhanced 911 service is available to all residents. Requires the above-mentioned shall provide that service.

No Position Selected

AB 1029

Caballero, Anna Marie (D)

Law enforcement: apprenticeship program.

Establishes the law enforcement apprenticeship program to be administered by the Department of Education. Requires the department to develop a process through which nonprofit education foundations may apply for grants pursuant to the program and to award grants to nonprofit education foundations that demonstrate the ability to complete program related tasks.

No Position Selected

AB 1157

Ruskin, Ira (D)

Public Utilities Commission.

Requires the members of the Public Utilities Commission to elect one of the commissioners as president and would authorize the commission to appoint an attorney and an executive director. Includes in the definition of a customer a participant representing a labor organization, an environmental organization, or any organization that has promoting the public interest as a primary purpose.

No Position Selected

SB 323

Kehoe, Christine (D)

Telecommunications: broadband report.

Requires the Public Utilities Commission, by January 1, 2009, and by January 1 of each year through 2013, to report to the Legislature on the availability of two-way broadband telecommunications access in the state.

No Position Selected

SB 1024

Kehoe, Christine (D)

Telecommunications: Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Act.

Defines a service supplier for purposes of the 911 surcharge act, as meaning any person supplying intrastate telephone communication services capable of originating a 911 emergency telephone call from any service user in the state. Includes bundled services within the definition of intrastate telephone communication services. Specifies the act applies to telephonic quality voice communications services. Provides the surcharge does not apply to customers using the service outside the state.




April 26, 2006 Legislative Update



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