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Legislative Update


One of the primary reasons for CALNENA is to monitor and influence legislation that affects the way 9-1-1 operates in the State of California. In the past the Executive Board has been the primary group involved in this arena with notifications to the membership, solicitations of interest on specific issues and requests for the membership to act on specific legislation.

With the abundance of legislation in recent years and the constant need to educate legislators on the issues of 9-1-1 as a result of term limits turnover, this task has grown. While we have legislative representation in Government Affairs Consulting (GAC) they need direction from us on influencing and authoring legislation that addresses our concerns.

To provide this direction most large associations have a legislative committee. The committee is made up of volunteer members from the Association who have an interest in, knowledge of, passion for and desire to learn the political process. The committee provides a representative sample of the entire membership which can respond in a timely fashion to the legislative issues as they arise. The committee does not replace the membership but provides a focused subgroup to address issues which are then presented in a condensed format to the membership for their approval.

The committee also provides continuity to the legislative effort. Rather than the Executive Board which changes annually, the committee can remain intact over long periods of time providing a historical perspective and enabling long term evolution of legislative agendas.

Anyone who is interested in being part of the CALNENA Legislative Subcommittee is invited to send an email to Cheri Lynn Rockwell, ENP, the 1st VP who will be chairing the committee, at crockwell@buttecounty.net. Along with GAC the committee will dive into the pressing issues facing the Association now and in the future.

It’s your Association and it works best when YOU are involved.



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April 26, 2006 Legislative Update



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