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CALNENA holds four meetings annually. Three quarterly meetings in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and the annual meeting is held in the Winter. The dates for the meetings will be posted as soon as they are available.

National Meetings / Conferences

Please visit the NENA web site for information of updating events at www.nena.org


Check out minutes from previous meetings of the CALNENA board, their conference calls and general meetings

> Meeting Minutes

CALNENA Meetings

Fall 2014 Training Meeting - NENA Talking Points

> Presentations from February 2009

February 2009 Meeting

Facebook And Thumb Drives - Dave Larton

CSI For Dispatchers - Dave Larton

Next Generation Funding - Dick Dickinson

Business Conferencing Calnet2 - Kristi Mercado

Nextgen 911 Halfway To The Wall - Terry Eby

Fundamentalist Islam - Michael Fox

Siege At Beslan - Michael Fox

So What's A TLO Anyway? - Michael Fox

A Tale Of Two Counties - Pat Kiernan

ABCs Of ACD - Bill Roche

Advance Morale - Kevin Willett

Being The Best - Kevin Willett

I Refuse To Smile - Kevin Willett

Red Project Overview - Jim Thompson & Public Safety Network

Wireless E911 Deployment - Jim Thompson

CA 911 Network Call Types Comparison - Donna Pena

July 2009 Meeting

State of the State 9-1-1 Office Presentation by Daphne RHOE



Upcoming Meetings

CALNENA 2016 Fall Meeting

October 19, 2016



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